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Electrical Safety Checks For Rental Properties To Become Mandatory

Electrical Safety Checks For Rental Properties To Become Mandatory

11th February 2020 | Super Administrator

It is looking likely that under the electrical safety standards in the private rented sector, it will be mandatory from April 2020 to perform electrical testing for all rental properties. These changes are important, and therefore landlords will need to be fully clued up on the requirements. The government have announced that the legislation will apply to every private rental property in England. This takes away the option for landlords to decide if they are going to perform electrical checks. This proposed new law has been approved by the House of Commons and Lords.

Time Scales

To start with, the legislation will apply to every new tenancy in England from 1st July 2020. Any current tenancies will need to have an electrical test before 1at April 2021. The requirements mean that every fixed electrical installation at the property must be tested every five years. All new tenants are to be given a report of these tests before they move in. Prospective tenants are to receive the information within 28 days of requesting it. The local authorities must also be sent a copy of the report within seven days, once requested. Any action that is required must be carried out within 28 days or before, depending on the specific issue.


A landlord that does not comply with this new legislation is risking a fine of up to £30,000. It is advised that all landlords ensure the electrics in their rental properties are tested as soon as possible. Testing should be done by a trained electrician. Once this legislation is in place, it will likely become a hectic time for the electrical industry! Also, be sure to use a qualified electrician and obtain a full report. Not complying could not only cost you a hefty fine but also jeopardise the safety of your tenants.

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